It's A-Dog-Eat-Dog World

What does that mean? It means people are competing for the same things, like jobs!  You may have heard it said that  to find a successful career, you'll have to work like a dog.  Well, not anymore! Work-Based Learning can help! Explore careers while still in high school by clicking on the links below.  No more feeling dog-tired in your search!

Upcoming Events

Visit the Work-Based Learning office in the Career Center room #1513/15  at Brighton for more info! 


CTE Pathways

What is a CTE Pathway Completer?

A CTE Career Pathway includes both foundation and elective courses within a student's area of interest. 

Participating in a CTE Career Pathway will save students time and money toward training and/or a college degree.

Brighton offers SEVEN Pathways: : Interior Design, Fashion Apparel & Textiles, Business Administration, Business Information Management, Health Science, Culinary Arts, and Graphic Design & Communication.
Students can earn the following pathways at CTEC: Personal Care Services, Protective Services, Welding & Machining, Diesel, and Programming & Software Development.

For more information visit:

High Wage / High Demand Jobs

Check out the CTE courses offered at Brighton that could you lead you on a path to these high paying, in demand careers.

Job Board

Local companies looking to hire! Please contact the company directly for more info.


Announcements and Recognition

Work-Based Learning/Canyons School District/Brighton High
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